So what do you need to ride a bike

It really is not much. Cycling requires little in specialist equipment to enjoy, but the right choice can raise the enjoyment levels.

The Bike

No special bike is required to undertake a session with us. Any roadworthy bike is suitable and we always undertake a simple safety check before starting any rides - brakes, tyres, handlebars...

But if you are looking for an ideal bike we can offer advice.
There are many types of and the question to ask 'Is it comfortable, safe, and suitable for my journey'.

Whether it is a traditional upright bike or a low fast road bike, a bike for a child, commuter or sporting enthusiast, it needs to fit correctly and we can advise on this.

Many people can be put off by the many types and may wrongly be directed towards a 'fashion-sale' of a so-called mountain bike, a stripped down road bike, or a 'Dutch-style' roadster, when it may not be suitable either for the intended use or the local terrain.

If purchasing a bike please ask - our advice is free, and as we don't sell bikes it is wholly independent. That means we can also advise on the most suitable places to make your purchases from.

If undertaking a session with us your bike can be discussed at the time.


The same goes for clothing - you do not need the latest fashions in lycra, chic, or pointy hats. Cycling for fun is not a fashion statement; it is a pleasant easy enjoyable activity, where you can hop on a bike and enjoy.

Comfortable clothing for the weather is really all that is needed. If it's raining take waterproofs, if it's warm and sunny take some sunscreen - it really is a case of common sense.

We advise hard bottom shoes, no baggy trousers, and gloves if it is cold. Helmets are a personal choice although we advise them for beginners, children and off road riding.


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