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HAPPY NEW YEAR and enjoy riding throughout 2017


December 2016

Floodlit cycle riding in Whitchurch

HCT has been pleased to be helping with the Whitchurch Primary School Bike Club. A fantastic show of support by the Friends of Whitchurch Primary School was given when they funded rechargeable floodlights to enable the children to enjoy there riding after the clocks changed.
There is a report on the local town website HERE
Up to around 20 children have been taking part in a range of fun activities.


March 2016

Lethal bikes

It is often quite frightening what we come across while providing cycling instruction.

Just how can a young child be sent out on a bike without any brakes? One young lass of ten had her front brake broken and the back brake disconnected yet was still sent out by her parents to learn how to cycle on roads in today's traffic.
PLEASE - check bikes for roadworthiness - take professional advice and call us if in any doubt. To ride without brakes is both illegal and LETHAL.

Below Left: Front brake lever - no cable.
Below Right: Back brake not connected.

FrontBrakeBrokensm1 RearBrakeBrokensm1

March 2014

The sun has started to appear more regularly and thoughts of cycling are coming to the fore. This week HCT have been out and about providing road safety instruction and afvice to many riders. Above all it is fun as well as providing much essential advice and support for cycling with today's conditions.

Below: Young riders enoy the fun of riding in the words on the way to their on-road cycle training session.


February 2014

Cycle Instruction is about to start in earnest after our poor winter. The weather is slightly improving, although some say snow is still on the way. Let's hope not! Flood waters in some places have severely restricted cycling, but from next week HCT is busy out on the roads teaching people how to ride.

Please contact for details.


January 2014

HCT wishes everyone a happy and Safe New Year and will soon be carrying out Spring cycle courses.

Please contact for details.

December 2013

Cycling in London has received much publicity with a focus on heavy goods vehicles and cyclists taking left hand turns. The best solution is for segregated facilities along with such aids as cycle phases in traffic lights. In some places the design of cycle lanes even encourages cycling up the inside of vehicles and there are many examples throughoput Hampshire.
Advice is not to cycle up the inside of vehicles at left hand turns as you may end in a blind spot as they turn, with disastrous results.
HCT can provide instruction in how to deal with such situations and courses can be run for small groups and for individusls requiring more confidence to deal with today's conditions on the roads.

Autumn 2013

Basic cycling control skills are essential for safe riding, Over 100 children received professional instruction in the skills required prior to going on a road, including starting, stopping, awareness, signalling and turning.
sessions can be arranged for large or small groups or for families.

.Please contact for details.

August 2013

Maintenance checks
HCT was pleased to be able tp provide a free Cycle Check for children and parents at a local school. Over 50 children had taken their bikes to their local school and while they were in their lessons the bikes in the cycle shed were given a FREE maintenance check, including brakes, tyres, handlebars and saddles. Advice was given on any repairs or adjustments required.

The importance of well-maintained bicycles cannot be under-estimated. A numbe of cyclees were found to be potentially lethal.
a cycle with no brakes, loose handlebars and a front wheelnut that could be turned by hthe fingers was found.

HCT is able to provide maintenance checks for any groups. Please contact for details.

June 2013

Chasing Ice
While HCTs prime purpose is friendly advice on all aspects of cycling, sometimes it helps with other related activities. At a recent screening of the renowned Chasing Ice movie in Whitchurch which deals with climate change, it provided free cake to anyone arriving by bike.
It was pleasing to see the bike racks at the Whitchurch Gill Nethercott Centre full.


May 2013

Everyone can ride a bike - an often heard saying that is pretty much true. HCT teaches both children and adults to ride. Very friendly and informal sessons are arranged, usually in a park setting. One-to-one is best, and the first 'lesson' is usually booked for 90 minutes. That is often enough to have the rider pedalling away, after which we can advise on undertaking journeys.
Wide grins and big smiles are the order of the day, and we have taught from 5 years old up to nearly 70.

This made us smile, after a recent session:



April 2013

Cycling Skills in Schools
Cycle instruction has been continuing in schools, despite the unreliable weather. Indeed the children seem to enjoy riding their bikes in the damp and the smiles are often wider tan ever, although splashing through puddles is discouraged!. With HCT training, it is recognised that not everyone gains the skills a the same rate, so extra sessions are easily arranged to focus on any specific areas that trainees require more practice. On going assessment of skills and feedback is essential in the riding sessions.

January 2013

Snowy Weather
Riding in the snow can be wonderful fun - and new snow can be a joy to leave the wheel tracks in. But when compacted it can turn into knobbly and dangerous ice which can affect our training.
If in doubt about any sessions please contact us.

Gloves essential - Children learning road skills
Despite the chilly weather, over the next few weeks Hampshire Cycle Training is teaching 80 children their essential road skills so they can undertake a road journey. This includes bike handling, turning, road junctions and all important road positioning.
Given the temperatures there is a TOP TIP - don't go out without gloves - the fingers are usually the first to suffer - and frozen fingers are no good for pulling up the brakes!

Below: Some of this week's trainees.



December 2012

Well done to Bradley Wiggins in winning the BBC Sports Personality of the Year following his amazing season. He has truly put 'cycling' into the forefront of everyone's minds which can only be of benefit.
We are also looking forward to 2014 when it has been announced that the Tour de France will be starting in the UK.

The Wiggo effect
Cycling has certainly made the headlines recently with the GB successes in the Olympics and the first ever British win in the Tour de France. The 'Wiggo' effect has been a boon to cycling, although there is a risk that sideburns may become fashionable! Top riders like Mark Cavendish and Vicky Pendleton have also been extolling the benefits of cycling.

It reminded us of when Bradley Wiggins took part in a cycle training session with Hampshire Cycle Training and a local school, arranged by B&Q's Travel Plan team - great bloke - an inspiration.


Ride with Sustrans
Hampshire Cycle Training took part in the Sustrans ride, in conjunction with Andover Bravehearts, a childrens' charity. A pleasant ride was enjoyed around the country lanes with a fine BBQ at East Cholderton. Here some fun was enjoyed with a slow bike race.



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