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What are the different training levels? HERE
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Where are courses held? HERE
What does a course include? HERE
What are the costs? HERE
What ages do you cater for? HERE
Can we make up our own group? HERE
Can you plan me a route? HERE
What qualifications do the Instructors have? HERE
Do we have to wear a helmet? HERE
What clothing should I wear? HERE
What kind of cycle can I use? HERE
I have never ridden a bike. Can you help me? HERE
Is there a test? HERE
Is there a certificate? HERE
What happens if the weather is bad? HERE
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What are the different training levels?
For road riding there are three National Levels.

LEVEL ONE consists of the basic cycling skills required before riding on the road - balance, braking, looking behind, and general cycle control. We also cover clothing and preparation and some simple maintenance issues.

LEVEL TWO takes this further with an introduction to road riding, with signalling, positioning, dealing with junctions, overtaking, general awareness and anticipation techniques. It builds confidence and will enable a trainee to undertake a journey in a moderately built up area.

is more advanced and will include busier traffic, complex roundabouts, major junctions and route planning.
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How long is a National Standard course?
All courses are flexible dependent on personal needs and we discuss this when booking.
Our training towards full Level Two (standard road riding) typically commences with booking three 1 1/2 or 2 hour sessions dependent on early assessment. These are usually on separate days.
However, not all riders/groups have the same needs and we are flexible to allow for the most suitable training.
We will advise if more is required. We also arrange shorter introductory courses, usually a morning or afternoon, and courses tailored for schools and businesses. Please also see our 'Courses' section.
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Where are your courses held?
Almost anywhere. We can run courses in our own area, from home, workplace, schools or community centres.
Our bespoke courses usually start from our trainees' area as that is where a rider will need to first deal with roads.
Group training may be from a central location convenient to the trainees. Introductory courses can be held in park areas or schools.
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What does a course include?
A typical road course commences with some basic cycle control skills including a number of exercises, before moving on to quiet residential roads to learn road positioning, basic manoeuvres and dealing with light traffic.
It can also include an accompanied ride to locations such as workplaces, schools, shops, leisure centres, looking at all the relevant issues along the way.
This can progress to more complex junctions, roundabouts and busier traffic as the circumstances dictate.
For courses on maintenance, leisure riding, returning to cycling and other activities see the 'Courses' section of the website.
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What are the costs?
Our training fees are very reasonable. They vary dependent on the group size and the requirements of the training. For example our road training can start at just 8.00 per hour when in a group of five.
Our school, adult and business fees depend upon the specific requirements.
Please contact us to discuss the various rates for both individuals and groups.
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What ages do you cater for?
All ages. All training is tailored to our riders' requirements within the framework of the National Standards. We train adults and children of all ages depending on level of training. Younger children can be accommodated within off-road Introductory courses or family groups, if a parent/guardian is in attendance.
Please ask us for further details. We never take trainees on roads until we are happy with their control skills.
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Can we make up our own group?
Of course. We can train groups of adults or children. You can make up your own groups with work colleagues, friends or family. Our training is tailored to your needs whether it is for work transport needs or for leisure cycling.
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Can you plan me a route?
As part of our tailored training we can advise and plan routes from home to places such as Leisure Centres, Workplaces, Schools, Shops or other facilities. We can arrange an accompanied ride looking at all the various road situations along the route. This can be incorporated into training or it can be carried out as a one-off session.
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What qualifications do the instructors have?
Our Instructors are fully qualified and registered to deliver the the National Standards in Cycle Instruction. They are nationally accredited and registered by the Department for Transport.
They will have undergone the national approved training for instructors at one of the country's accredited national training centres. As well as advanced cycle road safety this includes, risk assessment, cycle maintenance, teaching techniques and child protection matters.
Instructors are fully CRB checked (Criminal Record Bureau) to the Enhanced Level, hold an approved First Aid qualification, and are fully insured for Public Liability. They will always carry a mobile phone.
It should go without saying, but it is also an essential requirement that our instructors are regular cyclists!
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Do we have to wear a helmet?
We advise that children wear a properly fitted cycle helmet but emphasise that while they may prevent injury from falls and knocks, the most important aspect of cycling safely depends upon the riders' own skills, awareness and anticipation techniques. We do not advise full-face BMX style helmets.
It is not a legal requirement so It is an adult's choice as to whether or not they wear one.
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What clothing should I wear?
You should wear clothing that is comfortable. Flapping trousers and long shoe laces should be avoided, and we recommend that you wear a light or bright coloured top. If it is at all chilly, we recommend wearing gloves and a warm hat. We can provide bright safety jackets for children to wear whilst training.
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What kind of cycle can I use?
Almost any - although a unicycle may cause some difficulties! We ask that the cycle should be properly maintained and roadworthy. A bike that is unroadworthy may delay the training, or may be unsuitable. We recommend you look particularly at wheels, brakes, saddle and handlebars.
If in any doubt please ask us for advice.
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I have never ridden a bike. Can you help me?
Most certainly. We have taught both adults and children of all ages to ride bikes from scratch. This training is carried out on a one-to-one basis in a very friendly and informal atmosphere devoid of any pressure. We usually use a parkland setting away from other people.
It does not usually take long and results in wide grins.
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Is there a test?
There is no formal test. For a National Standard course continual assessment is undertaken by the instructor, who is qualified to determine the level of the rider.
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Is there a certificate?
Yes. All trainees who complete a National Standard course to the satisfaction of the instructor may receive a certificate appropriate to the level of training.
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What happens if the weather is bad?
We carry out our training in most weathers. However in adverse conditions then we may advise a postponement and rearrange the dates. Given the vagaries of the wonderful British climate this may be at short notice, although we will always discuss this with you as early as possible. We do not carry out any training in icy or snowy conditions.
If you are in any doubt please phone us.
However, we can arrange training in warmer climes such as the south of France, Spain, or even more exotic locations should you wish! It can be a little expensive tho'.
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What happens if I have to cancel?
Should you need to cancel or rearrange a scheduled session then you should contact us as soon as possible and preferably no later than 7 days before the course starts.
Cancellations are subject to our cancellation policy and may incur a charge. However we will always try to accommodate any requirements if notice is supplied.
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I have a question. Can I contact you?
Of course - we love talking cycling! You are welcome to contact us for any advice. Sometimes you may have questions or require advice that you wish you had discussed during a session.
Just give us a call -
07963 237619
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