Help is available for all cycling needs

Courses vary from training for small groups of children and complete beginners to business groups and advanced one-to-one adult training. We can organise courses for schools, community groups, businesses or individuals at venues and times to suit you.

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We organise:

  • Training for children or adults
  • Group Training for schools, clubs or businesses
  • Refresher courses for 'returning cyclists'
  • Training for Road Safety or Leisure
  • Training for professional organisations
  • Holiday Courses in basic skills and road sense
  • Training for non-cyclists - we teach you to ride.

A typical training session commences with an assessment of cycle control and off-road skill practice, followed by riding on quiet roads before introduction to more specific traffic situations.
Trainees will learn how to judge traffic conditions and how to develop that all important 'road sense'.
Training is normally held over a series of sessions designed to raise awareness and develop skills to enable the rider to gain the most from the enjoyment of cycling and related to their specific needs.
Training costs vary but are kept as low as possible.
To discuss your requirements or to book a course, please contact us.

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Types of Training Course


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