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Cycle Proficiency for the 21st Century

This is the core professional road safety training, suitable for all ages and level of cyclist.It covers the syllabus of Levels One and Two in the National Standards.

Suitable for:

  • All cyclists who wish to ride safely on the roads – children, teenagers, adults, businesses, schools, youth groups.
  • Child and teenage cyclists who wish to ride to school, etc.
    If you were looking for 'cycling proficiency' this is the course.
  • Schools that wish to support their pupils.
  • Adult cyclists who require more formal training for use of a cycle for leisure, utility or work purposes.
  • Businesses and groups with a duty of care towards employees.

Training is to the approved National Standard Cycling Course leading from control skills to road awareness to include all aspects of cycling. A course would normally commence with three or four sessions. However we are flexible and can arrange alternative session lengths.
A typical structure would be:

Session One: This session covers clothing, cycle set up, basic cycling skills, cycle control, and an introduction to road riding.
Session Two: Includes road safety training, various junction manouevres, overtaking, road positioning, awareness and anticipation skills.
Session Three/Four: This builds on the road training with more advanced positioning and riding techniques to raise confidence.

Further Sessions:
We will advise further sessions to increase roadcraft skills if required.

During the training we can incorporate routes to schools, shops or friends houses, equally useful for adults and children.

Group Size:
Children: up to five; Adults: up to three. Suitable for Family Groups.

Course duration:
Usually commences with the three booked sessions (as above).
Adults and teenagers may then progress to Level Three which covers more advanced cycling techniques in busier traffic.

As required but usually in the location of the homes, workplace or school. We believe it is important to use the roads the riders will use in real-life.

Note: For child training, many parents get friends or other family members together to create groups. If you wish to do this please ask for advice, but we do not take more than five children in a group at time for on-road instruction in order to maintain the high standard of training.

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